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Digital Live Mural


Hylink Interactive mural by Damilola Odusote


Digital mural

“Damilola joined us on an ambitious project to create a digital ‘mural’ for our agency launch event, producing a complex and incredibly unique final piece. The event space offered the opportunity to use state-of-the-art MultiTaction interactive screen technology traditionally used as collaboration and visualisation software, leading us to take on the challenge of creating a stand-out piece of digital graffiti artwork. We were incredibly impressed with the quality of Damilola’s illustrations and even from our first chemistry session, his commitment to overcome the technological challenges to reach our desired outcome was second to none. Would highly recommend Damilola’s work to anyone, an exceptional and unique talent”, Ben Taylor acount manager, Hylink.

Hylink Interactive mural by Damilola Odusote is continuously  being updated if you have any questions please get in contact of use the live chat from Mon-Fri 9-5pm GMT

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